My Story. My Mission.

Fit Fix Services started in July 2006 to now, with a vision to provide repairs & maintenance services to the fitness industry.

I first heard about the need for service technicians in Sydney from a bicycle sales rep when I ran a Bicycle Shop, the rep also sold fitness equipment & was actually in the shop talking to a customer saying that they will need to re-box up the faulty treadmill that they had just assembled & send it from Sydney to Melbourne for repair.

After the phone call & asked the rep what was wrong with the treadmill & the rep said that the treadmill has no power to the console screen.

I said I could go & have a look at the fault for him, not knowing anything about treadmill specifically but the customer wasn’t to far away from the bicycle shop.

The fault ended up being a squashed wire going into the console joint, so I cut & soldered the wire together, heat shrink the join, finished the assembly of the treadmill.

Once the sales rep heard that I had fixed the treadmill he started giving me more repairing more treadmills & other fitness equipment.

As they say the rest is history.

Since starting out in July 2006 Fit Fix Services has contracted to most of the Wholesalers and distributors in the fitness industry.

Providing support to their brands and other in-house service technicians with overflow work regular contractor service work.

Previous to the fitness equipment industry work, I ran the family bicycle Shop from 1998 to 2006, Bicycle gave me my mechanical skills that I have carried on into the fitness industry.

The retail bicycle trade is a very tough market to up with the latest, within my time in the bicycle shop I had works on all types and styles of bicycles and even Petrol & Electric assist Bicycle.

With my experience in the bicycle shop I had the opportunity to start a service contract with a company to repair and service Electric Bicycle for Australia Post.

I started the fleet service work on the Australia Post electric bicycle in Nov 2011 to now, since then my fleet of e-bikes has grown to more then 110 e-bikes and over 100 Buggies.